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Stefano Zanus is a multifaceted artist, his multi-directional culture brings him to experiment with different styles of art: painter, graphic artist, photographer, sculptor, performer, journalist and entertainer. Over 50 years based on technical and humanistic experiences, from experimental art to the search of new experimentation of contemporary arts.

Venetian from birth, he started painting as a self-taught artist and then he came to the photograph as a “paparazzo”. In 1968 he has shown in his first Solo Exhibition. 1973 is the year he enrolled at the etching course at the International School of Graphic Arts in Venice.

In 1999 his experimentations come to a point: Dripping Light Art, in which photographs, are used as a medium.

Among overall the events, his most valuable exhibition are “Kamikazeartwork n.1” e “Krossing” from the 51° and 53° Biennale di Venezia.

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